Thursday, 31 March 2016

DREAM & FLY... like a butterfly

Here is my creation for the ColorArte Design Team member.

Whenever I think of expressing my artistic emotions on any medium, I always desire proliferating the message that one has to think out of box, dream like he or she has never done earlier and spread our wings and let our thought fly carefree… Only then would we be able to realize our true potential and give something to the world for which we are made for…

In this creation of mine, I have merged all these feelings. Through this creation I reinforce the message of breaking our mental and physical shackles to dream and achieve something which is not possible if we keep our mind and soul restrained to the societal bondages.

Below is the step by step procedure of how I have created this artistic impression that one should always “Dream…and fly like a butterfly”.

Firstly started working on wooden plank, (in my stash from the last two years, using now finally)
 applied texture paste and crackle paste and then covered it with black gesso

  and then added some embellishments and again applied black gesso.

After applying black gesso started working with ColourArte colours-(just love them )-Silk acrylic glaze fruit punch kit -key lime, yellow rose, iridescent gold and also mixing them with primary element-empress  Mulberry antique violet and golden nugget, i just loved the antique violet shade using for the very first time. And added some glass glitter and glass beads. Here's some close-up pix...

I hope you all will love this project and enjoy tutorial also.
Have A Nice Day !!!


  1. Love love love this creation of urs....all the very best !!

  2. really pretty mixed Media project, thanks for your interest in the Colourarte DT

  3. This is a stunning project. The colors are so rich and beautiful. Great job!

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  5. Stunning! Love the message behind it "Dream…and fly like a butterfly"!