Sunday, 17 August 2014


Dear Friends

First of all let me wish you a very Happy Independence day. Although we are all of a generations that have not felt the pangs of pre-independence era, this is a day for all of us to resolve our commitment to our country and society as a whole to do that little extra to imbibe a spirit  of love and care amongst all our fellow countrymen.

In this age of Facebook, Twitter and Whats App, we seem to forget the meaning of relationships. Its easy to make friends and start a relationship but very difficult to maintain and nurture it. It takes time, care and effort to develop a relationship to be a lasting one. Today, I am presenting a simple and wonderful product that would help you make your loved ones feel SPECIAL!!!!

Presenting a Multipurpose gift envelope. It has an outer jacket in lovely radiant colors – pink, purple, green and off-white. The jacket has a cutout of a butterfly, which symbolizes freedom, joy in life and purity in thoughts. Beautifully embossed on the jackets are floral and geometrical shapes. The outer jacket has a small pull out inner card. The pull put card has a flap and a blank sheet, with carefully crafted borders, on which you can write your personal message.

You can use the card for personal invitation or even as Money envelope with your personal message. Get awed by praises you receive from the giver for the effort taken by you in such a wonderful way of inviting / gifting.

For any query related to this product, please inbox your message.