Friday, 17 April 2020

Spread LOVE not GERMS

Dear Friends,

The world is in the midst of a grave crises. A small microscopic organism has created havoc across the globe and have made humans realize that it was their mistake to assume that they are the masters of the universe. We, humans have acted irresponsibly and this disease is Nature's anger against the humanity - against the hatred that we have cultivated against each other and against other co-inhabitants of this planet.

At this stage, have an added responsibility to keep the spirits of ourselves, our families and our near and dear ones upbeat. Its our time to 'SPREAD LOVE, NOT GERMS'.

My creation today is a card dedicated to this theme. I have used Hydrangea flower which signifies heartfelt emotions. I dedicate this card to all humanity who should spread love and happiness in the world. Through this card I also ask for forgiveness from the Almighty and pray for His mercy and strength to the workers and first responders (doctors and healthcare workers) who are working longer hours selflessly. Their LOVE towards humanity would surely win against GERMS and together we would be able to defeat this disease.
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