Wednesday, 21 March 2018

My Everything

Dear Friends,

It's Heartfelt Creations Wednesday with Sweet Peony Collection, here today i've created the box cover for shadow box, here's the pix,

Products Used
Double Dots 100pc. -3D Foam Circles, DDOTS
Funnel Tray, 359503
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, 159723
Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit, HCST1-401
Stack and Store Daubers-Pack of 30, HCDA2-450
Rajni Chawla's Crystal Clear, PGM15015
Decorative Medallion Die, HCD1-7144
3D Floral Basics Shaping Mold, HCFB1-464
Rain Boots and Blossoms Cling Stamp Set, HCPC-3811
Rain Boots and Blossoms Die, HCD1-7169
Lush Lilac & Umbrella Spray Cling Stamp Set, HCPC-3817
Sweet Lilac Scroll & Cage Die, HCD1-7172
Lush Lilac & Umbrella Spray Die, HCD1-7171
Large Sweet Peony Cling Stamp Set, HCPC-3820
Small Sweet Peony Cling Stamp Set, HCPC-3819
Sweet Peony Paper Collection, HCDP1-288
Large Sweet Peony Die, HCD1-7174
Small Sweet Peony Die, HCD1-7173
Ranger Archival Ink Pad - Sunflower, RACP005
Ranger Archival Ink Pad - Carnation Red, RACP399
Ranger Archival Ink Pad - Rose Madder, RACP638
Ranger Archival Ink Pad - Leaf Green, RACP436

Other Products: White Cardstock. Perfect pearl-gold, antique locks, pollens.

For more tips on creating with the Sweet Peony collection, watch the tutorial at

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at

Instructions: Covered shadow box measures 8"x 8". Take cardstock size 11"x 8" and score at 1.5", 9.5".Next, second layer cardstock size 3"x 8" and score at 2.5". Make two of this size and adhere it to first base. Next third layer take another cardstock size 8"x7.5" and paste it on second layer on the left side as shown.

Next take pattern paper and distress the edges and paste them. Adhere two locks as shown with dries clear adhesive.

Now die cut two birdcages, and paste on the left side. Die cut a decorative medallion die and paste on the top centre, as shown.

To create peony flowers, leaves and some tiny flowers: Stamp peony flower with Rose Madder Archival ink and cut them with matching die and color them with the same ink and shape them with basic shaping mold. Arrange them and put pollens at the centre of the flower. Now stamp some peony leaves with Leaf Green Archival ink and cut them with matching die and shape them with deluxe flower shaping tool kit and then randomly spray gold color using Perfect Pearl.

For small tiny flower: Stamp small peony flower with Red Carnation Archival ink and cut them with matching die and color them with Sunflower Archival ink, and then add Crystal Clear powder. Stamp 7 more of the smallest peony flower with Rose Madder ink and color with Leaf Green in the center and Rose Madder along the edges, add Crystal Clear powder and insert pollens in the center of all the tiny flowers. Arrange all these as shown.

Stamp a few leaves from Rain Boots and Blossoms cling stamp set and a swirling Lush Lilac and Umbrella Spray cling stamp set with leaf Green ink, cut them with coordinating die and shape them with deluxe flower shaping tool. Adhere them as shown.

Add the sentiment from Sweet Peony paper collection.